South Carolina Real Estate Agent Showing a Property With Her Clients

June Is National Safety Month: Prioritizing Safety in Real Estate

South Carolina Real Estate Agent Showing a Property With Her Clients

As June progresses, it’s important to take a moment to focus on safety in the real estate industry. National Safety Month serves as a crucial reminder that, while we work diligently to help buyers and sellers achieve their dreams, ensuring our own safety and that of our clients must remain a top priority. Here are a few actions you can take to remain safe as a real estate agent:

1. Verify Identities

Before meeting new clients, verify their identities. Request a copy of their driver’s license and conduct a quick background check. Inform your office or a trusted person of your meeting details.

2. Use the Buddy System

Whenever possible, bring a colleague along for the showing, especially if the property is in a secluded area or if you feel uneasy about the meeting.

3. Keep Your Phone Accessible

Ensure your phone is fully charged and within easy reach. Consider using safety apps that can alert someone if you’re in danger.

4. Share Your Schedule

Provide your showing schedule to your office or a trusted person, including details such as the property address, the client’s name, and the estimated duration of the showing.

5. Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. It’s better to be overly cautious than to ignore potential threats. If you feel uncomfortable, reschedule the showing or bring someone along.

6. Secure the Property

Before showing a property, do a quick walkthrough to ensure all doors and windows are locked and that no one is inside. This step helps prevent any unwanted surprises.

7. Park Strategically

Park your car in a manner that allows for a quick exit. Avoid parking in driveways where your car can be blocked, ensuring you can leave swiftly if needed.

8. Leverage Technology

Use technology to enhance safety. Utilize video calls for initial consultations and consider investing in personal safety devices that can alert authorities at the press of a button.

9. Establish Boundaries

Set clear boundaries with clients. Meet them for the first time in your office or a public place and establish professional behavior expectations from the outset.

10. Continuous Education

Stay updated on the latest safety practices by attending workshops and training sessions. National Safety Month is an ideal time to refresh your knowledge and adopt new strategies.


In the real estate profession, we often find ourselves in unfamiliar environments with new people. By taking these precautionary measures, we can create a safer working environment for ourselves and our clients. Remember, safety is a continuous commitment. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and make this National Safety Month a time to reinforce the importance of safety in our industry.

Happy showing, and stay safe out there!

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