Preparation For Job Interview


I am interested in real estate sales

  • What are my opportunities with your company?
  • Do you have a training program? Is it company-sponsored?
  • Can I sit in on a session?
  • Look over the materials?
  • Is there additional help offered (if needed) and by whom? Explain.
  • What is the cost for this program? It is reimbursable?
  • Will I be obligated to remain with the company for a specified period of time to take advantage of a no-charge type training?
  • What kind of management & systems support do you have?
  • Explain office staffing and scheduling.
  • Do your managers sell real estate?
  • What are your compensation plans?
  • Would I be paid as an employee or an independent contractor?
  • If independent contractor; may I have a copy of your independent contractor agreement?
  • What makes your independent contractor agreement different?
  • Realistically, what is my income potential? First year? Thereafter?
  • How long is a reasonable time to wait before expecting some income, if devoting full-time to real estate?


  • Who pays for such needed items as: cards, advertising, signs, name rider, etc.?
  • What are the expected initial out-of-pocket costs upon beginning with your company?
  • What real estate professional organizations (MLS, Association of REALTORS, etc.) would I be expected to join? What are the costs of these organizations?
  • Why are these organizations important?
  • Do you have specific requirements for a salesperson’s car? If so, what are they?
  • What about insurance?
  • What are the tools that I need to have in order to be competitive? (Computer, cell phone, pager, etc.)


  • Describe your “technology”. Hardware, software, copiers & fax machines.
  • What is your web-site address?
  • What consumer services do you offer on-line?
  • Would I have a presence on your web-site? (Note: Visit the web site before the interview.)


  • Is “floor time” available and what time obligations/opportunities would I have?
  • Open houses: In order to get a quick start may I sit on someone else’s listing to acquaint myself with the business and to get prospective buyers?
  • Advertising What does the company pay for?
  • What do I pay for?


  • What is the average sales price of houses for your company and/or this branch office?
  • If I personally buy or sell my own property, what are the company’s policies?
  • Does your firm have special requirements on dress and grooming?
  • Are there some agents that I could talk with about the company?
  • What are the three top reasons I should join your company?
  • Resident applicants with licenses in other jurisdictions who have been residents for more than 6 months cannot qualify to take the S.C. examination with just a certification of licensure from another jurisdiction. The resident applicant will also need to take the following pre-licensing education:
  • For a Salesperson exam applicant, a SC resident (for more than 6 months) with a license in another jurisdiction who will have to take Unit II: Advanced Real Estate Principles class (30 hours)
  • For a Broker exam applicant, a SC resident (for more than 6 months) with a broker license in another jurisdiction will have to take Broker Unit IIIA and Broker Unit IIIB classes (60 hours)

Attitude Tips

In a business such as real estate sales, a person must always be “up” and “people-oriented” to get started effectively. Even in the interview with prospective companies the person interviewing you will look for such things as ability to communicate, positive attitude and neat appearance. Those people who seem to become successful are generally those who genuinely like people, want to assist them in solving a problem. These “successful” people also carry the attitude not of “I have to go to work”, but rather “I want to go to work!” It’s all in the outlook you have!! When setting up an appointment with a prospective company, plan to find out not only what that company is going to give you, but how you can help make the company stronger by your efforts!

Prepare yourself with questions that are important for you in order to acquaint yourself fully with the company. We have provided sample questions to ask and encourage all persons to use these and/or similar questions when interviewing. Most companies do not require a resume, however, a well prepared resume and cover letter, even if work experience is small, indicates professionalism and attention to detail. Be pleased when the company screens you well and expects more than a “body” and license from you! A selective company will work harder with you and for you to make you a stronger more professional person! What to wear to the Interview! Look the part of the professional! Quiet good taste is an important part of dress. Men Shirt & tie, slacks & sports coat. Women Nice suit, pantsuit or tailored dress.