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Have your license but don’t want to sell?

There comes a time in some agents’ careers when they no longer wish, or are unable, to continue in real estate sales. That is why South Carolina Real Estate Referrals, LLC was created! We are an independent company that provides agents the ability to keep their hard earned licenses active and earn significant extra income simply by making referrals. There is no requirement to pay an expensive Realtor board or MLS membership(required by local brokerages / boards) so you can be continuously paid on your referrals to anywhere in the US & Canada. Simply refer family, friends, prospects, or past clients – ANYONE, and get paid just for referring!

A referral is one of the best, easiest methods for making money in Real Estate. The following will help you to understand how to gain a referral and how this is beneficial to your customer.

How it makes you money and the process?

When you find someone who wants to buy or sell Real Estate you can help them and make a profit. You can help refer them to an agent in the city they are looking to buy or sell whether you are licensed in that state or not. For example, if you have a friend moving to San Francisco, CA you can find a Real Estate agent in San Francisco, CA, call or email them to see if they would like to accept your referral for a 25% (standard fee) referral fee. Once they accept, you fill out a referral form (without the customers information), send it to the receiving agent, they will sign it and email it back. Once you receive the form signed you will then fill out the customer’s information and send the form back. That agent will now work with your customer and once they close on the property they are buying or selling a 25% check of that agent’s commission will be mailed to South Carolina Real Estate Referrals, LLC. South Carolina Real Estate Referrals, LLC will then write you a check.


                   Home Purchased for: $100,000

                   Buyer Agents Commission: 3% = $3,000

Referring Agent Commission: 25% of the $3,000 = $750

                    SCRER, LLC and Agent Split: 80/20 = $150

                    Referring Agent Take Home: $600

How does this benefit your customer?

The public does not understand how this can benefit them so it is your responsibility to educate them. When you refer the customer to another agent this does not cost the customer a dime. The referral fee comes out of the agent’s commission and does not affect your customer. The agent will accept the referral fee because they would have never received your customer without the referral. Referring your customer to an agent will be beneficial to them because you will refer a top agent in their area that knows what they are doing and have a proven track record with many years of experience. This will help your customer because they will receive the highest form of customer service and representation.

What will it cost?

The fee to hold your license with SCRER, LLC is $100 per year. All splits are 80/20 on incoming referrals.

Transferring you license to South Carolina Real Estate Referrals, LLC:

The transfer of your license is an easy process. Contact us at 843-410-3340 or follow the steps below.

Join South Carolina Real Estate Referrals Today!

Step 1: Complete the Subagent Agreement Form listed below and email or snail mail it in to:

Email: info@pinnaclerealestateacademy.com

Mailing Address: Pinnacle Real Estate Academy
9626 N. Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Click here: Subagent Agreement Form

Step 2: Pay the required $100 Brokerage Fee below

Step 3: Lastly, transfer your license using the link below. (Office Number: 20799)
*Note: License transfers must be completed by the agent and not the Brokerage Firm


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