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Cover of Pinnacle Real Estate Academy's Little Black Book

Little Black Book

A collection of contacts and local businesses; perfect for those just entering the industry

Cover of Pinnacle Real Estate Academy's Question Book

Question Book

A valuable resource with over 600 practice questions to help you prepare for your state and national exam (PSI)

Review & Practice Guide

A valuable resource to help you prepare for your class test. This book includes a step- by-step guide to obtain your Real Estate License as well as a PSI Exam Breakdown for those wanting to know what to expect on the PSI, learn what topics will be covered, as well as how many questions to expect per topic

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy's Study Flashcards

Study Flashcards

All the vocabulary from the Aware Textbook, defined and separated by chapter

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy's Self Paced Exam Prep Course

A guide to both State and National real estate laws, perfect for those who are wanting to reinforce what they learned in class with additional questions and real-world examples

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy's SC State Prep Course Online

Whether you need a little extra help on the State Portion of the PSI Exam, or just want to familiarize yourself with the South Carolina specific laws, this is the perfect aid for you!

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