Map showing North and South Carolina

Breaking Down the NC-SC Real Estate License Reciprocity Agreement: A Pinnacle Real Estate Academy Guide

Navigating the intricacies of real estate licensing across state lines just got easier for professionals in North and South Carolina. The recent reciprocal agreement between NC and SC opens up new opportunities for real estate agents and brokers, allowing them to expand their practice and leverage their experience in both states. Pinnacle Real Estate Academy is here to provide a comprehensive breakdown of this agreement and what it means for you.

Map showing North and South Carolina

What is Reciprocity?

Reciprocity agreements between states allow for the transfer or acceptance of professional licenses from one state to another, under certain conditions. For real estate professionals, this means you can operate in a reciprocal state without starting your licensure process from scratch.

The NC-SC Reciprocity Agreement Explained

For North Carolina Licensees Seeking Licensure in South Carolina:

  1. NC Provisional Brokers obtaining an SC Salesperson License:
    • Active NC provisional brokers can obtain a SC salesperson license by submitting an application with the required fee, completing background checks, providing license verification from NC, proving completion of 90 hours of NC post-licensing education or SC pre-licensing education, and passing the SC salesperson exam portion.
  2. NC Brokers with less than three years of experience obtaining an SC Salesperson License:
    • These individuals can transition directly by completing similar steps to provisional brokers but are not required to prove educational hours beyond their initial licensing.
  3. NC Brokers with three or more years of experience obtaining an SC Broker License:
    • Eligible upon application submission with fees, background checks, license verification demonstrating three years of active brokerage, completion of specific SC broker courses, and passing the SC broker exam portion.

For South Carolina Licensees Seeking Licensure in North Carolina:

  1. SC Salespersons, Brokers, or Broker-in-Charges obtaining an NC Broker License:
    • Active SC license holders within three years prior to application can obtain an NC broker license by completing the NC broker application, paying applicable fees, and passing the NC broker exam. Alternatively, they can receive an NC provisional broker license, requiring 90 hours of post-licensing education within 18 months of issuance.
  2. Achieving NC Broker-in-Charge (BIC) Eligible Status:
    • SC licensees must be active NC brokers, have two years of full-time brokerage experience within the last five years, submit the appropriate form for BIC status, and complete a 12-hour BIC course within specified timelines.

Termination of Agreement

It’s important to note that either state can terminate this reciprocal agreement with 30 days’ written notice.

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How Can Pinnacle Real Estate Academy Help?

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy is perfectly positioned to assist both current and aspiring real estate professionals navigate this new landscape. Whether you’re an NC broker eyeing the SC market or an SC salesperson planning to make moves in NC, we offer tailored courses that meet the specific educational requirements of this reciprocity agreement. From pre-licensing education to post-licensing courses and state-specific exam prep, Pinnacle has you covered.

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