Pinnacle Real Estate Academy’s Continuing Education Courses: Elevate Your Real Estate Expertise

Unlock Your Potential with Pinnacle’s Diverse CE Options

Welcome to Pinnacle Real Estate Academy, where our Continuing Education (CE) courses are designed not just to meet the requirements but to exceed your expectations. We understand the busy schedules of real estate professionals, which is why we offer our CE courses in various formats to suit your needs: in-person, live via Zoom, or online self-paced. Whatever your learning style, Pinnacle has got you covered.

Course Offerings Tailored for Success

Our curriculum is carefully curated to ensure you’re not only compliant with the South Carolina (SC) real estate regulations but also equipped with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Here’s a glimpse of our course lineup:

  1. “When in doubt…Disclose, Disclose, Disclose” (4-hour Core CE Class): This core course is a deep dive into the ethics and intricacies of disclosure in real estate. It’s designed to sharpen your understanding and judgement in scenarios that require transparency, ensuring you’re always on the right side of the law and ethics.
  2. “Perfecting Negotiations” (4-hour Elective CE Class): Negotiation is an art, and this course is your canvas. Our expert instructors will guide you through techniques and strategies to enhance your negotiation skills. This elective is not just about striking deals but about crafting winning strategies that benefit all parties involved.
  3. Ethics CE Course (2.5 hours): A powerful course that satisfies both the SC CE requirements and the South Carolina Association of REALTORS ethics requirements. This engaging session will delve into the ethical foundations crucial for every real estate professional, fostering a culture of integrity and trust.

Comprehensive Learning for SC Real Estate Agents

By enrolling in these three interactive and highly regarded CE classes, you will not only fulfill the 10-hour requirement for SC real estate agents on a bi-annual basis but also enhance your professional growth. These courses are more than just mandatory training; they are stepping stones to becoming a more knowledgeable, ethical, and successful real estate professional.

Expanding Our Reach: North Carolina Continuing Education Classes Now Available!

Pinnacle is excited to announce that we now offer Continuing Education Classes for North Carolina real estate professionals! Understanding the specific needs of North Carolina agents, we have tailored courses to align with state requirements:

  1. BICUP (Broker-In-Charge Update, 4 hours): Specifically designed for brokers-in-charge, this course keeps you abreast of the latest updates, legal issues, and regulatory changes.
  2. GENUP (General Update, 4 hours): Ideal for agents without BIC designation, this course covers general updates that are vital to staying informed and compliant in the ever-evolving real estate industry.
  3. 4-hour Ethics CE Class: A comprehensive course focusing on ethics in real estate, reinforcing the importance of moral conduct and decision-making in the profession.
Jennifer Nicely teaching a SC CE course at Pinnacle Real Estate Academy

Why Choose Pinnacle for Your CE Courses?

  • Flexibility: With options for in-person, live Zoom, or self-paced online learning, we cater to every learning style and schedule.
  • Expertise: Our instructors are seasoned professionals with real-world experience, bringing practical insights into the classroom.
  • Interactive Learning: We believe in engaging and interactive sessions that make learning both effective and enjoyable.
  • Compliance and Beyond: Our courses not only meet the regulatory requirements but also provide valuable knowledge and skills.

Ready to Elevate Your Real Estate Career?

If this is your year to complete your CE requirements, look no further than Pinnacle Real Estate Academy. Our commitment to excellence and your professional development make us the ideal partner in your continuing education journey. Enroll now and experience the Pinnacle difference!

Contact us today to learn more or to enroll in our upcoming classes.

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