Policies and Procedures Disclosure

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy, LLC
9626 North Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29572-4006
O. 843-410-3340

Publication: May 30, 2023

Legal Name of Education Provider: Pinnacle Real Estate Academy, LLC

Advertised Name of Education Provider: Pinnacle Real Estate Academy

Name of Education Director: Jennifer Nicely

Names of Full-Time Officials and Faculty: Christopher Kavanagh, Richard Christenbury, Melissa Urso, Beth Williamson, Dan Disano, Victoria Green, Colleen Mason, Jason Whedon, Tricia Tennyson, Kim Gordon

Education Provider Certification

Pinnacle Real Estate Academy is certified by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. The Commission’s address is 110 Centerview Dr # 201, Columbia, SC 29210. Any complaints concerning the Education Provider or its affiliated instructors should be directed in writing to the Commission. A link to the Complaint Form is provided on the Commission’s homepage (llr.sc.gov/re).

Per Commission Rules and Regulations, the Education Provider must provide each prospective student with a copy of the Education Provider’s Policies & Procedures Disclosure (PPD) prior to payment of any non-refundable tuition or fee. The PPD, which is required by the SC Real Estate Commission, outlines Education Provider policies plus the rights and obligations of the Provider and the student. A signed certification that a student received a copy of the PPD must be retained by the Provider.


Course Offerings: Pre-Licensing, Advanced Licensing, Broker, Property Management, Property Manager-in-Charge, Continuing Education Core, Continuing Education Electives, Broker-in-Charge Update, Real Estate Ethics and Fair Housing.
*Note: Fair Housing beginning in 2025.

Purpose of the Pre-Licensing Program

The primary objective of Pre-Licensing Education Program is to provide students with the fundamental real estate knowledge and practical skills required to confidently pass the South Carolina Real Estate License exam. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including property law, real estate finance, real estate math and ownership estates. Included with South Carolina topics are such topics as agency, tax calculations, and rights of landlords and tenants. The course will ensure the students are equipped with a solid foundation to excel in the student’s future profession. Per SC Rules and Regulations, a student must complete 60 hours of Pre-Licensing education and another 30-hour Advanced Licensing course before obtaining a real estate license.

Purpose of the Advanced Licensing Program

This course goes above and beyond the fundamentals covered in the Pre-Licensing program, imparting practical, real-world skills that guarantee success in the industry. Students will learn the latest real estate themes and topics, including Agency & Disclosure, Measurements & Valuation, Contracts, Ethics and Fair Housing, all while fulfilling the legal requirements to obtain their Real Estate License. Students may complete the Advanced course either before or after the Pre-Licensing course. Students can choose to take the state exam before or after finishing the Advanced course.

Purpose of the Broker Courses

The Broker course is designed to take the currently active Real Estate Salesperson to the next level in their career. Per the Real Estate Commission, a student must take and complete the Broker A and Broker B course, pass the class exam and pass the state exam with a 70% or higher. Each Broker A and Broker B course consistent of a 30-hour, structured class. The Broker A course curriculum coincides with the standard requirements for a brokerage license and assists in providing the student with the necessary subject matter, laws, processes, activities and responsibilities for those working in the real estate industry. The Broker A course for brokerage management will adequately prepare the student for assuming the roles of primary leadership and supervision. The State exam is based on the Broker B course only. Although there are two Broker courses, agents are required to complete and pass both before being able to take the state exam.

Purpose of the Broker-in-Charge Update Course

In South Carolina, a Broker-in-Charge is required to complete 4 hours of an update course specifically designed to Brokers-in-Charge. Topics include the basic duties and responsibilities of serving as the broker-in-charge, licensing law updates, management and supervision, managing client trust accounts, broker relationships and office policies.

Purpose of the Property Manager Program

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires an individual to have a Property Management License in order to practice property management for others for any type of compensation. This 30-hour course will prepare the students for the course exam and State exam. Students will learn the Property Management verbiage, skills, preparation of accounting books, maintenance and Federal and State laws.

Purpose of the Property Manager-in-Charge Program (coming in late 2023)

This course provides seven hours of instruction in property management topics such as the proper handling of trust funds, bookkeeping requirements, general ledgers, owner ledgers and tenant ledgers.

Purpose of the Continuing Education Core Program

This course is created by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. The topics in this course are to further help existing licensee’s ability to protect the public’s interest when it comes to real estate transactions. The course will help licensees better understand mandatory disclosures in real estate transactions and avoid related issues and violations for failing to disclose as required. Topics include disclosure of a licensee’s interest in a personal transaction, disclosure of brokerage relationships in South Carolina, disclosures within advertising, advertising within a team and disclosure of a licensee’s compensation.

Purpose of the Continuing Education Elective Programs

These courses are designed to provide further education in topics such as contracts, addendums and other topics frequently requested by licensees in South Carolina.

Purpose of the Real Estate Ethics and Fair Housing Programs

In 2023, the National Association of Realtors voted and passed a new regulation for Realtors to take 2 hours of Fair Housing classes every 3 years beginning in 2025. This will be in addition to the other NAR requirement of 2.5 hours of Ethics every 3 years.

Course Materials Each student is required to use and have immediate access to the current editions of the SC Real Estate Pre-Licensing manualand SC Advanced Licensing manual booklet during course session. These books are included with the tuition or the students will have access to purchase the manual at Pinnacle at any time. If materials are not purchased through Pinnace, the student will be required to show proof of having the required materials prior to the start of class.

End-of-Course Exams If applicable, end-of-course exams will be administered at Pinnacle Real Estate Academy on the last scheduled day of the course in the means of a written exam. An end-of-course exam will not be administered to any student who does not satisfy the course attendance requirement. Students are not permitted to bring laptops, tablets, cell phones, books, cell phones or similar electronic devices (other than a basic calculator) into the testing site on the day of an exam. Any student who brings such a device into the testing site on the day of an exam will be required to remove it before the exam commences. All exams must have a minimum score of 70%.

Missed Exams Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will allow a student who does not take the initial end-of-course exam on the scheduled date and time for the course, whether excused or not excused, may be able to take the end of course exam within 14 business days of the last scheduled day of the course. After the first attempt of the end of course exam, if not successfully passed or made up within the 14 day timeframe, the student will have one more attempt to successfully pass the exam within 6 months of the date of the original exam. The date and time will be scheduled by the Education Provider. Normal test days are as follows unless the Education Provider cancels the exam or other reason determined by the Education Provider. Education Provider has the sole discretion to cancel or reschedule any test day deemed appropriate:

The Wednesday of Advanced Class at 3:00 p.m.

The final day of Pre-Licensing Day Class (Normally the second or third Thursday of the Month) at 8:30 a.m.

The final day of Pre-Licensing Night Class (Normally the third or fourth Friday of the Month) at 6:00 p.m.

The final day of Pre-Licensing Weekend Class (Normally the third Sunday of the month once per quarter) at 9:00 a.m.

All exams must have a minimum score of 70%.

Failed Exams Per the SC Real Estate Commission, Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will allow a student who takes but does not pass the initial end-of-course exam to retake the end-of-course exam 1 more time (total of 2 attempts) within 6 months of the original scheduled course with the maximum number of attempts being two. All exams including makeup exams must have a minimum score of 70%.

Auditing Classes Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will allow a student to audit future pre-licensing classes for up to one year after receiving class certificate of their end of class examination for no charge. The purpose of a student auditing a class is to prepare for their state and national exams. A student that either fails or does not take their first pre-licensing class end of course exam, shall have 6 months to audit classes free of charge to help them complete and pass their class exam. Once the 6 months have passed and the exam still has not been successfully completed and passed, the student shall be required to reregister with a registration fee for the course in full in order to audit the class and re-take their second and final exam.

Eligibility Requirements for Course Completion Certificate(s) To successfully complete a courseand receive a course completion certificate, a student must: a) meet the attendance requirements, b) timely submit completed in-class and take-home assignments (if applicable) and c) pass the end-of-course exam with a minimum score of 70%.

All-Inclusive Tuition/Fees All mandatory materials will be provided with course tuition. If student chooses to take courses online via Zoom, it will be the student’s responsibility to pick up materials from the office or have materials mailed at an additional shipping cost. All shipping cost are exact per shipment. If student chooses to take in-person courses, all materials will be given to the student on the first day of scheduled course.

Tuition for course at Pinnacle Real Estate are as follows:
South Carolina Pre-Licensing: $425
South Carolina Advanced Licensing: $299
Broker A: $299
Broker B: $299
Broker-in-Charge Update: $45
Property Manager: $299
Property Manager-in-Charge: TBD
Continuing Education Core: $45
Continuing Education Electives: $45 each

Registration, Enrollment, and Conduct Registration To enroll in a course at Pinnacle Real Estate Academy, prospective students must register prior to the course starting. All courses offered by Pinnacle Real Estate Academy can be registered via website, phone call or in person. There is a minimum payment plan of $150 that must be paid in order to hold student’s seat and materials. Full payment must be completed before the student may take their final exam. If student chooses to attend schedule course via zoom, student must have a functional camera where student can be seen during the entire course. Students must remain on camera in order to receive credit for hours attended. Students are not to be in a car, plane, pool, together with friends or family and be in a well-lit room with their name on Zoom so it is visible to the instructor.

Tuition and Fees Pinnacle Real Estate Academy accepts the following forms of payment: cash, credit, debit, money order or certificated checks. Tuition must be received by the beginning of the scheduled courses. The penalty for a check returned for insufficient funds is $35.

Attendance Students in an in-person or synchronous distance learning Broker Post licensing Course must attend a minimum of 100% of all scheduled instructional hours. Early departures from any courses delivered in-person or via distance learning are prohibited. Attendance will be closely monitored, including late arrivals and early departures from class sessions and from all scheduled breaks, during in-person and synchronous distance learning courses. All time missed will be recorded for each student and the student must make up that time before being allowed to take their final exam and be issued a certificate of class competition.

Course Cancellation or Rescheduling / Refunds Pinnacle Real Estate Academy reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course as needed. Students enrolled in a rescheduled or cancelled course will be given a minimum 3 days’ notice of the cancellation or revised course schedule. If a course is cancelled or rescheduled, students will have the following options: 1. Choose a different date and time for the same course, 2. hold a credit of tuition for up to 12 months or 3. request a full refund.

Withdrawals and Transfers / Refunds Full refunds will be issued ONLY IF cancellation is received in writing AT LEAST 10 full days prior to the original class that was registered to attend.  If student reschedules from their original registration course then subsequently cancels, the 10 day notification is from the original registered course not the rescheduled course.  A full credit towards the rescheduled course will be given and transferred for a maximum of 6 months from the original registered course.  After rescheduling of course for 6 months, student forfeits their registration fee.  No refunds OR transfers will be issued for “NO SHOWS” on class date or for any students who have opted for one of our Bundle Deals. A $25.00 processing fee will be charged for any and all transfer requests.

Student Conduct Students are expected to attend and participate in course. Students are not permitted to sleeping, talking out of turn, surfing the internet, texting, making or accepting phone calls, working on activities not connected to the course, leaving or arriving in the middle of class, making rude comments to other students or being disruptive in any way.

Cheating If a student is discovered to be cheating in any manner during an examination, the student will be immediately dismissed, will receive a failing course grade, will not be eligible for any retake or makeup policies, and will be reported to the SC Real Estate Commission.

Special Accommodations Request Procedure Pinnacle Real Estate Academy complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and strives to ensure that no individual with a disability as defined by the ADA is deprived of the opportunity to participate in a course. Students requesting special accommodations must contact the offices of Pinnacle Real Estate Academy 5 days prior to the course starting.

Inclement Weather In the event of inclement weather or a local or national emergency, Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will follow the Horry County School System for South Carolina courses.

Course Schedules Course schedules are published separately from this Policies & Procedures Disclosure. Schedules are posted on the Education Provider’s website www.PinnacleRealEstateAcademy.com and are also available upon request.

Use of Technology in the Classroom Pinnacle Real Estate Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices. Pinnacle Real Estate Academy does provide wireless Internet access. If wireless Internet access is provided, the Education Provider is not responsible for disruptions in or problems with the service. Pinnacle Real Estate Academy DOES allow the use of laptops, tablets, and similar devices in the classroom. If such devices are permitted, the following guidelines will be enforced to minimize distraction from the learning environment: Students may use electronic devices to enhance their learning, including taking notes or researching class topics. Sending personal emails/texts, shopping online, visiting social networking sites, inappropriate websites or playing games are considered to be disruptions and are not acceptable student conduct. If an instructor discovers that a student is using an electronic device for these (or similar) purposes, students will be asked to leave the premises forfeiting their tuition payment. If an instructor has directed students to discontinue use of electronic devices, all students must put away their devices immediately. If a student does not follow an instructor’s direction to discontinue use student will be asked to leave the premises forfeiting their tuition payment. Sound on electronic devices must be muted during class sessions. The possession and use of electronic devices (other than a basic calculator) are strictly prohibited during all quizzes and exams.

Visitors Classroom courses at Pinnacle Real Estate Academy are open to enrolled students only. Enrolled students may not bring visitors to the classroom without prior approval of the Education Director.

CERTIFICATION OF TRUTH AND ACCURACY I certify that the information contained in this Policies & Procedures Disclosure is true and correct and that Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will abide by the policies herein. Jennifer Nicely Education Director

 CERTIFICATION OF RECEIPT I certify that I received a copy of Pinnacle Real Estate Academy’s Policies & Procedures Disclosure prior to payment of any non-refundable course registration fee or tuition.